Transfom your organization into online platform.

docuTRAK transforms the entire business collaboration environment of the organization into One Unified Online Platform.


Optimize your client services

Clients can submit their requests on docuTRAK portal to stay informed on their status. Post instructions for every type of service to properly guide your clients requests submissions. Keeping your staff aware of up-to-date policies and procedures relevant to your business while your HR can monitor & support staff in the acknowledgement of the distributed information.

Keep track of all business actions

docuTRAK do not only record all actions on a Workflow Case, but also provides a “Snapshot View” of all attached documents to the case. Moreover, a Supervisor can access subordinate inboxes and track their team actions and re-assign a case to other workers. It also keeps track of consultations requests by any user.

Stay connected to your business from Anywhere at Anytime

docuTRAK Online offers a comprehensive business collaboration environment where all documents are kept in a central registry office, and all types of actions on Workflow Cases are automated. Guaranteed full accessibility from a Web Browser interface & through Mobile App where your signature can be electronically & securely placed on documents.

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docuTRAK Security

End-to-end security is our top priority at docuTRAK, and for that reason, we take every precaution to protect your data while maintaining a high-performance environment. docuTRAK is secured and protected in many ways, and the following are noteworthy: 

We offer backups to be stored on separate servers to maintain data security and availability.

Web application Firewall (WAF) protects our platform and APIs against attacks, and works on filtering, monitoring, and blocking any malicious traffic.

docuTRAK actively monitors ongoing security, performance, and availability 24/7/365. We run automated security testing on an ongoing basis, as well as contract third parties for penetration testing.

Communications are encrypted over SSL thus preventing data to be viewed by a third party.


Electronic Signature
Mobile App
External Services
Policies & Procedures
Case Management (Workflow)
Document Registration (Records)
Enables authorized users to apply their electronic signature on documents sent to them for signing.
The authorized user can securely Sign On-Glass using the docuTRAK Mobile App by selecting the location of signature on the page. The signature is protected by a user-defined PIN, and it is merged with the document to become an integral part of it.
Enables users to access their inboxes for Workflow Cases and Broadcasts with full functional actions on these items.
docuTRAK Mobile Apps on Android and iOS provides users with rich functionality on Workflow and Broadcast inboxes
Enables external users to submit service requests to be received on docuTRAK Portal for processing and response.
Offers external users with access to published services on the docuTRAK Portal to submit requests and documents. The received request will be processed as a Workflow Case with a pre-defined due date. The portal provides external users with facility to follow up on the status of their requests.
Enables the organization to monitor staff and external users’ compliance to published policies and procedures.
Provides the facility of automating the distribution and acknowledgement of regulatory or general reference documents based on user defined or previously set distribution rules. It also provides online monitoring of compliance with the rules associated each broadcast with easy to read pie charts. In addition, it makes all broadcasts previously acknowledged by a user available in a personal reference library.
Enables real time tracking on every Workflow Case with escalation notifications and corrective actions.
Offers human-centric and comprehensive document workflow functions that is built on ad-hoc non-structured routing based on the organization structure hierarchy. It enables real time tracking of every task's status, and has built-in functions such as Assign, Consult and Conditional Routing, A user can send cases to individual users based on their job function, to pre-defined committees, and to pre-defined pool of users who share a common inbox.
Enables the organization to have control through a central registry on all incoming and outgoing formal documents.
Provides out-of-the-box functionalities to register and manage document-based records. It enables record registration using custom defined registration schema based on a unique serial number for each record. In addition, it enables registration by a central records office as well as multiple sub records offices within the organization

Starting from 500$


Simple Plans Hosted in the Cloud.


Standard Configuration

  • 50 Internal Users
  • 150 External Users
  • 5 Mobile Signature
  • Mobile Application (Included)
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 1 Year Commitment
  • $400 Every Extra 10 Internal Users
  • $150 Every Extra 50 External Users
  • $200 Every Extra 5 Mobile Signature
  • $150 Every Extra 100GB Storage


Standard Configuration

  • 100 Internal Users
  • 500 External Users
  • 10 Mobile Signature
  • Mobile Application (Included)
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 2 Years Commitment
  • $400 Every Extra 10 Internal Users
  • $150 Every Extra 50 External Users
  • $200 Every Extra 5 Mobile Signature
  • $150 Every Extra 50GB Storage


Standard Configuration

  • 200 Internal Users
  • 1500 External Users
  • 20 Mobile Signature
  • Mobile Application (Included)
  • 300 GB Storage
  • 3 Years Commitment
  • $400 Every Extra 10 Internal Users
  • $150 Every Extra 50 External Users
  • $200 Every Extra 5 Mobile Signature
  • $150 Every Extra 50GB Storage

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